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     While attending University of Michigan and working winters at the airport, we ( Ryan Mert, Govito Kirksey ) began a local lawn service to make money in the spring and summer. Starting with flyers from Vista Print, a GoDaddy.com website with hosting, and a hope that  we could quit school and our winter jobs ASAP and go full time into business! 

      We created strategies that generated enough work to allow us  to do this within 6 months. Over the years we have helped other local lawn services and snow removal services build their customer lists via referrals. 

    We learned to generate 90% of the leads from our website marketing campaigns and the other  10% were from flyers / word of mouth.

     Now you know the secret to establishing your business. Do you still need help?

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  After 6 years in the online industry creating and building our own lawn service and websites while  being service providers, we decided to switch it up a bit and share our business and marketing skills with others. 

     We can all throw a ball but... Can we all throw like a professional baseball player? 

    Your online presence is like a baseball and I can throw it at the target more accurate and at a faster rate consistently. I specialize in business development, management, and internet marketing strategies that are pivotal to a successful business. 

     Focusing on property maintenance services our only goal is attract customers and acquire leads. We use custom lead generating websites to increase customer interaction while establishing an online presence. As a business consultant I have helped develop several businesses over the past few years that generate 90% of their work from Google. 

     I've focused on constantly researching Google to stay ahead of the "competitors". Dedicating my services to Google Ads and Google Business to increase traffic for your small business. 

     Get a online presence that will keep new customers making contact with you without having to spend hours of your time trying to manage your online marketing yourself and avoid the risk of wasting your money on ads.

We can all learn how to put brakes on a car, or lay carpet. Why don't we? Because we instinctively know that we need to spend time focusing our time and energy into something else.

This is what I love to do! 

Developing and designing businesses so that it becomes a brand.

Let me help you reach your business goals. Creating partnerships that last. Residential clients, commercial clients, B2B, lead trading and more. By leasing my lead generating websites you will make contact and land customers / clients daily.

What is a service business worth?

  As a lawn service business owner I always wondered "how much is my lawn business worth?".

I could sell a truck or two, my equipment, and possibly my clients for a years going rate upfront. But after all my hard work establishing myself I felt I had to find a way to become worth more. How much is more worth?

      That's when I realized that my online marketing  strategies and websites are whats worth money. A website that can bring in thousands of dollars in sales per year seemed worth more than any other business asset I could own. Let me help you build an online business that will increase profits and over all business worth.

I have many custom packages and creative business skills which allows me to offer low cost partnerships.  I offer everything from  business start up and growth via one on one consultations to full blown Marketing Management. My skills and strategies will accelerate your customer database and enhance the appearance of your company.

My skills include but are not limited to...

  • Business Consulting.
  • Marketing Management
  • Logo design services , web design services, graphic design services, SEO, blog writing, customer service, online marketing and ads, lead generating, sales training, partnerships, lawn and landscape quoting, roof construction quoting, snow removal quoting, video editing / production, sound production, and more.

  I want to share my passion & knowledge of marketing by helping others. My Google Lead Acceleration packages are designed to gain your business more clients at a rapid rate.

Why Us?

     Business mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, I'm picky about who I consult. I want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve. For example, I only consult / market one lawn service or dog waste removal service within a certain area. This ensures all leads generated will be screened and high quality before being sent to you.

  Let me create a low cost custom marketing strategy that will be successful at increasing your customers within targeted areas.

     Would you like more regular customers for your lawn service or dog waste removal service?  Are you interested in expanding into more services and would like help acquiring customers? I develop strategies that will generate leads and sales at minimal cost. 

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